There is nothing more important than storytelling when promoting your brand. It isn’t a new concept, but one that is frequently not utilized well enough to grab the attention of the audience and because of this, I often find businesses are missing out on the chance to engage prospects and convert them into customers.

But why do stories matter so much?

1. They Create A Personal Connection

Talking about a product or company foundation isn’t going to grab the empathy of your audience. They are likely to be bored and disengaged. Features are just not that appealing to audiences. However, the reasons why your product/business was created or how it has helped someone solve a problem – that is a story that can tug at the emotions of the audience.

They might recognize themselves or the scenario you are portraying, and then they connect with, relate to and understand you, your business and product with greater ease.

2. They Remove The Salesperson

One of the biggest problems you will have is with the target audience putting up barriers against the salesperson’s approach. Nobody wants to be sold to, but by telling a story, you are removing that barrier and presenting information in a format that the audience will be happier to accept.

3. They Are Easier To Remember

Ever tried to remember all the functionalities of your laptop? It’s pretty hard to do and the same can be said of your business. On average, audiences consume enough data and information every day to fill 174 newspapers. Only the most meaningful information will be retained, and nothing is more memorable than a story that connects emotionally with the reader.

4. They Guide Audiences

Every story has three critical elements, the setting, the problem, the resolution. Without these, it isn’t a great story. The first two of these aspects should be recognizable to the audience; they should relate to the person in the setting, and they should be experiencing the same problem. The resolution is your product/business. Therefore, by telling your story, you can guide the audience to your resolution and get them to buy into your company.

Our Story

I highly recommend sitting with your team with a facilitator diving deep into why you created the business to tell your story. This is one of many versions of our story here, feel free to R&D (rip off and duplicate) as you please:

“After spending over 10+ years in the digital web industry, the website development world has two major problems at the moment. Firstly, great agencies, developers and designers are typically not interested in supporting a project once it is built, mainly because they are great & awesome, and they are more interested in doing great creative & new work. Managing and supporting a site is not always considered exciting work, so in most cases changes are always put aside on a back burner.

This leads on to the second issue. One of the biggest causes for website hacks is WordPress plugins not being updated. If developers or agencies lack the proactiveness to do this (once a week at least), and client is unaware of the vulnerabilities, then the websites will be placed at risk.

That was the “ah ha!” moment! This is when my co-founder, Sven Drumev & I, decided to help small business owners & entrepreneurs by providing a service where a team of website experts are available, and willing to support & manage WordPress websites for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

This helps our clients’ websites stay secure, have an up-to-date website and access to top quality website support when needed. Giving them the freedom to focus on what they do best for their company.

Majority of websites are hacked due to the lack of being proactive, that’s why we’re on a mission to help secure over 1M+ websites around the world in the next 5 years through our service, do-it-yourself security courses, talks & podcasts, and complimentary guides.

Because we believe no entrepreneur should ever need to deal with headache of having their site hacked.”

Figure out what you are doing with your business that is bigger than the people in the business.

How do you want to be remembered when all is said and done?

How are you contributing to the greater good of the world?

Get cracking on your story and share it below.