Want to learn how to vlog?

Video blogging, or “vlogging” as is it better known, is the act of recording a blog in video format. Fundamentally the same as blogging, it is an entirely different process to work with.

Vlogs are a very popular means of providing content to your readers/watchers. It allows you to engage with your audience using sight and sound, and is a much more interesting way to promote yourself. Not only are you promoting your content, whatever that may be, but you are also adding a visual element into the mix. Your followers will become accustomed to your physical appearance on their screens and in some cases, viewers will become extremely attached to someone via this form of media.


Websites like YouTube have exploded in popularity over the years and now play a major role in all forms of internet usage. This guide will teach you how to vlog using WordPress for the content management system and YouTube for hosting your numerous Vlogs.

Required Equipment

A short list of equipment is needed when planning how to vlog.
With the items on this list it is good practice to research the items and try to get the best value for money before you purchase. However, trying to start a vlog on a tight budget is a tough goal, you will be forsaking visual and audio quality and that will turn away potential viewers and subscribers.

On the list, you will need:

  • A decent laptop that can edit and render large sized footage and audio files
  • A good quality camera, the latest smartphones will work for a small time operation. But in the long run you will need a full HD recorder that can capture image at 1080p levels of quality
  • A good microphone, in order to record your voice. Try to get one with anti-static and background filters built right in.

That’s all you will need to get started, as your vlog gains in popularity you can expect to need things like professional light equipment and soundproofing materials. Maybe even a green screen if you plan on running a heavily edited vlog.

Once you have the laptop, camera and microphone, it’s time to continue learning how to vlog and start building your website using WordPress.

WordPress Setup

WordPress is a genius platform when it comes to content management like blogging and vlogging. 50,000 new sites are published every single day using the platform, and it accounts for nearly 50% of all blogs and vlogs on the entire internet. Those are some impressive accolades! Using WordPress will give you everything you need to help you when learning how to vlog and getting started.

You will have a choice to self-host or use the WordPress system for hosting. We would recommend self-hosting if you are serious about building a business from your vlog.

Website hosting can cost as little as $100 per year and most services offer a free domain when you purchase hosting. WordPress have a huge online community who have all gone through the process before, so check the forums if you get stuck along the way. Your web hosting should have a ‘One Click WordPress Setup’ option, use that and you won’t have to edit any HTML documents or do anything to technical, contact your host if you need help with this part!

Once you have setup your hosting and have a rudimentary site online, make your way over to the theme repository on WordPress (there are some free ones). Purchasing a premium theme for your site is recommended if you want can’t afford to custom design your site. With enough modifications, you can still stand out from the crowd. These premium themes range in prices from $47 to $250, aim for the lower priced ones if you find one which is suitable to your tastes and needs. Your sites visual appeal is a big part of how to vlog.

YouTube Setup

YouTube was started by 2 guys in a garage back in the 90’s. Since then it has been acquired by Google for a huge sum of money, and exploded in popularity to the point where it is now the second most used search engine on the internet. Tens of thousands of new videos are uploaded there every day and the most popular channels have well over 10 million subscribers.

Due to its ease of use when uploading video content, and the huge potential audience you can reach, it is the number one platform for hosting video and a great starting place for practicing how to vlog. Also, it’s the perfect partner to your WordPress site for your content.

The setup process is extremely easy. You will need a Gmail or a Google account, which requires your name and a password, then your YouTube account is instantly created for you.

Head over to YouTube and log in. You will want your website and YouTube channel to reflect the same brand identity so think about using the same profile pictures and branding materials for both.

Brand continuity is a big part of how to vlog.

Don’t forget to link to your website from your channel and vice versa, this will let perspective viewers easily find your other content and gives you a professional appearance.

Once your channel is set up and your website is ready to go, you can now start preparing your content! You will soon be well learnt on the fundamentals of how to vlog. You’re now reaching the fun part where you can start recording your vlogs and get them out to the world!

Your Content

It’s important to have an audience in mind before you start filming your content. Think about who your material will best benefit, then tailor your entire library of content toward them. Consider targeting a specific niche or market when choosing your audience and learning how to vlog.

Basing your niche on a hobby is a good place to start, providing you choose a popular hobby you could have a successful vlog with hundreds of viewers in no time. Your content should be all about your chosen niche. Let’s take exercise for example, your vlogs can be about exercise routines, in which you show viewers how to do certain exercises, or simply explaining to them the benefits or eating the right kinds of food! Once you get a few videos out there, your audience may even suggest more vlog topics for you.


So you’re ready to start filming, you have your content in mind and know what it is you want to say. Great! Time for the fun to begin. Learning how to vlog isn’t too difficult, is it? As a beginner, don’t expect to film perfect vlogs without any problems. Simple things like remembering what you would like to say will often slip your mind at first, and problems will occur, don’t lose faith! Stick with it and keep trying until you get it right. Eventually vlogging will be second nature, at that point your job will take much less time. If we had to look back at our first couple of videos, you would giggle 🙂

A few things to consider when filming a vlog:

  1. Location – Make sure the area you film your vlog in a studio with minimal distractions, if you are going for a more one to one feel with your videos.
    Alternatively, you might find it better to simply film yourself talking while walking down the street. It all depends on the wants and desires of your target audience!
  2. Lighting – Is your recording area well lit? Viewers won’t keep watching videos that are too dark or too bright, find your goldilocks zone with lighting. This can be adjusted in the editing stage but you want to reduce your workload as much as possible before having to edit.
  3. Sound – Sound is a big part of how to vlog. Are the acoustics in your chosen recording area good enough for your voice to be recorded with enough clarity? There is nothing worse than listening to the wind instead of the content.


Not everyone will need to edit their vlogs. It completely depends on what your niche and target audience requires. If your vlog is all about motor shows, then you will only have to cut your clips together in an order that makes sense. However, if your content is more complex, web design for example, then you will have much more editing to do in order for your viewers to understand what it is you are trying to show them. Editing footage will take a little bit of time to master, similar to learning how to vlog.

You can get fairly decent video editing software for free, but ideally you want to get some professional editing software. The editing process can seem daunting at first, especially if you have never edited footage before, but once you pick up the basics you will be able to perform these tasks in good time.

Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas are two great video editing software packages, used by the guys who edit blockbuster movies. And surprisingly, they aren’t that difficult to learn, it just takes a bit of time, just like learning how to vlog. If you want something to cut and piece things together, you can always use Apple’s Movie Maker, or this online 3rd-party software called Animoto.

When editing you want to make your footage as appealing and understandable as possible for the audience. Focus on the lighting throughout the video, try to make it as constant as possible without too many changes in the brightness of the film. Audio is another major piece of the puzzle, your audio needs to perfectly match your video, if you are talking directly to a camera, and there is a 2 second delay on the audio, you will disorientate your audience and watching the video will not be enjoyable.

Another piece of advice is to have your website URL to be shown on screen at some point during the footage. Professional vloggers usually have an intro to all of their videos that shows people exactly who they are, and what to expect. Consider adding one of these to your own videos in order to appear like a pro. You have nearly learned all the basics of how to vlog.

Your Audience

These are the people who watch your content, and keep coming back again, and again. Your audience are a big part of how to vlog. They need to be your paramount focus when creating new content. Engage with your audience to work out what they like about your material, and replicate that!

Don’t fix it if it isn’t’ broke. As the old saying goes, if something is working keep on doing it. If something didn’t go too well, and your viewers have told you they didn’t like something, you should listen to them. After all they are the only reason your vlog exists. Focusing on your audience is key when learning how to vlog.

Growing your audience can be achieved in a variety of ways. Good old fashioned advertising is a fine place to start, try putting some ads out on Facebook and YouTube targeted toward your ideal audience and see what happens, use the data you capture from your ads to create a more effective ad next time. This process is called split testing, and should be applied with every type of marketing you attempt.

Appearing on other people’s vlogs and commenting on their sites is a great way to get attention, even more so if your content is similar enough. They might even return the favour by appearing in some of your own videos! Communicating with other vloggers is a big part of how to vlog.

Getting Paid

Wondering how to vlog and get paid? Once your vlog is reaching over 3 thousand viewers a month, it’s time to start monetizing. You can achieve this by a wide range of tactics, but the most common for vlogs is to get sponsorships.

If your vlog is targeted at hobbyists, you might find yourself entertaining sponsorships from the producers of goods for the niche. Using exercising as an example, you may be approached by local gyms asking for promotions, who will gladly pay you for your work.

Other ways to monetize a vlog is to market your own products to your loyal audience, who already take your word as authority, so will much easier to sell to than strangers. The influence that big time vloggers have over their audience is what attracts internet marketers to professional vloggers.

Needless to say, after a lot of hard work, Vlogging can be an extremely profitable venture indeed. Some of the top performing talent in the field easily make 6 figures a year from ads alone. Let alone the other opportunities that can be capitalised upon.

Now you know how to vlog. It’s time to take action and create your own vlogging adventure!