Yesterday (December 5th, 2016), GoDaddy acquired WP Curve and people are looking at alternatives worrying that the support would not be the same. However, WP Curve assures that current customers will still receive the level of support they have always been dealing with,

“You’ll still receive great support from the same team, but pardon our dust while we work through the transition. First we’ll take care of our existing customers by getting them on-boarded to GoDaddy systems. If you’re an existing subscription customer of WP Curve, please keep an eye out for an email from GoDaddy.” (Source)

We want to know, what are your thoughts on this acquisition and how do you feel about GoDaddy buying all these digital properties?  Cast your vote or discuss in the comments below:

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GoDaddy seems to be Buying Everything.

If you follow @GoDaddy, you will notice that they have been buying lots of different digital properties over the last few months such as: ManageWP, WP Curve, Beaver Builder partnership, Primer Theme and Pro Program just to name a few.

ManageWP hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Gabe Mays, who is the Head of WordPress at GoDaddy. There he dove a little bit deeper on answering some of the acquisition questions.  You can check it out on ManageWP’s blog here.

Gabe Mays’ role involves everything from leading their WordPress products and strategy to identifying acquisition opportunities, managing partnerships, hiring new WordPress team members, evangelizing WordPress inside the company and helping GoDaddy be a better member of the WordPress community.

In summary, while GoDaddy historically has had a lot of slack and bad reviews… over the years with some solid executive team members, they are consistently improving, acquiring some of the best companies in our industry, and now definitely a vendor to consider when it comes to WordPress web hosting.