Turning Adversity Into Success

Can people really change? For people like Anthony Arvanitakis, who survived a near fatal collision that cost him his leg, trauma was more than a learning experience. We talk to Anthony about how he turned his amputation into an opportunity. “I created a way for people to become strong and lean without going to the … Continue Reading

7 Slack Hacks for Optimum Internal Communications + How Ryver and SamePage Stack Up

Are you a Slacker? And if not, are you thinking of becoming one? If this question calls forth glorious images of quitting your job, donning flannel, and moving to Portland to pursue your full-time underwater basket weaving career — let me clarify. Slack, the predominant team collaboration tool, currently boasts over two million active users … Continue Reading

why stories matter - story telling

Why Stories Matter

There is nothing more important than storytelling when promoting your brand. It isn’t a new concept, but one that is frequently not utilized well enough to grab the attention of the audience and because of this, I often find businesses are missing out on the chance to engage prospects and convert them into customers. But … Continue Reading